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Our direction is personal, elegant, and story-telling with a bold and brilliant editing style. We believe in leading with our eyes and hearts wide open. Images captured as they unfold, while applying our expertise to guide you through the wedding experience. We capture personal, elegant, bold story-telling images. Images represent a feeling, not just what was happening, but how it felt while it was happening. You get raw emotions with a bold editing kick. Brilliant, love! 

for the bold, modern, stylish COUPLES

OUR Approach


With 10+ years experience, we’ve always put our couples first. We work directly with and for the couple. Story telling images…that are always different…because it’s your story. It can’t be replicated, but all those feelings and emotions can be re-lived through imagery. We won’t photograph your wedding how we think it should look. We will only photograph your wedding as it looks…your style, your details, your moments, and your emotions. 

I am a couple’s photographer for those in love with life.

What sets us apart… Our kindness, generosity, and understanding of uniqueness. We are like having your closest family members taking part in your wedding on such an intimate level. Your best friend behind that lens, making you laugh, guiding you into perfect positions, and giving the much needed hug when things seem a bit overwhelming. 

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We have designed simple investment options that can be customized to your unique wedding day experience.

Every wedding includes a professional timeline and wedding day consultation. All day coverage, 1 photographer + assistant (who also second shoots), engagement session and an online gallery delivered within 8 weeks of your wedding.



Weddings Start at $2,200

Having an intimate or micro-wedding?

No worries... we offer an hourly rate just for you.

Every package includes:
  • Online Gallery
  • Digitals with Print Release
  • USB Custom Package

Frequently-asked questions

Probably the most important question in your decision making…Why should I hire YOU as our wedding photographer? 

  • Straight to the point, I will take care of you as if I was your best friend. I will be your advocate, problem solver, family wrangler, and noticer of all things out of place, all while being behind the lens creating the most amazing images of you and your loved ones. I will be your eyes on your wedding day so that you can focus on you, your love, and enjoyment of all the emotions and moments.
  • After 10+ years of photographing couples, you can trust your photography is in extremely skilled hands. Let me take care of you. If hair and makeup is running late, it starts to rain, you walk into your venue with unannounced renovations being performed, I’ve got you! Your images are still going to be amazing! 
  • Long before you are ready to walk down that aisle, I will help customize a timeline that allows your day to be “your day”. No need for you to struggle through that process with so many other perfect details to plan. 
  • Communication is huge and I’m always available by phone, text, email, or zoom. Just let me know when you have time to talk and we will make it happen.

So how does this work? What can I expect in the process?

  • Contract and Retainer - Required to reserve your date on the calendar. 
  • Initial Consult - Time to get to know each other. We will discuss your vision, our process, and make sure we are the right fit! 
  • Informational Emails - Informational guides and interactive planning sheets sent out based on your approaching wedding date. 
  • (Phone Call/Zoom/In-Person Meeting)
  • Engagement Session - Perfect time spent together getting comfy in front of the camera, learn our style of direction, and become posing pros. Be confident and calm on your wedding day knowing your images will be amazing!
  • Wedding Day Prep - Timeline planning is crucial to achieving your vision for your wedding day. We also discuss location ideas, scout new locations, talk about timing and lighting etc. 
  • Wedding Day - A balance between guiding you and keeping you on track to standing back and collecting all the in between moments. 
  • Delivery - We sift through thousands of photos, to provide the best of the best. We find images that will tell your story. Expect up to 2000, or more, images fully edited in our bold, brilliant editing style. Online gallery provided within 8 weeks of the wedding followed by the USB Custom package arriving in the mail.

What if we fall behind our scheduled timeline?

  • No worries. I got you! This is not your day to stress. It’s my job to make sure you get exactly as you have dreamed and planned. In my experiences, it happens, more often than not. I will periodically note the time during the day and guide you and your wedding party according to the desired schedule.
  • However, we all know anything can happen; hair and makeup running behind, the wrong tux size shows up, flowers held up in traffic…whatever the circumstance, I am able to easily and quickly guide you and your loved ones through the remaining scheduled photography time prior to the ceremony and voila! Back on track! 
  • It is your day to keep enjoying knowing your photographer is working her magic. I want you and your love to thoroughly enjoy the most amazing day of your lives, thus far!

Do you have a second shooter?

  • I have shot solo for nearly 10 years and just recently (2021) found an amazing assistant that shares the same customer service values as I do. My assistant handles gear, lighting scenarios, as well as photographs where I am unable to cover a second vantage point. We make an excellent team and are so excited to work with you.
  • Elopements and engagements are all solo-photographer coverage by myself!

Do you provide video services?

  • We do not. We specialize in photography to give you the very best still photo experience. I do have a wonderful network of cinematographers and can guide you in the direction of someone great.

Do you edit all of the images?

  • Yes! Absolutely! From culling, to all processes through editing software, and preparing finished product files, I am your girl!
  • I once outsourced a wedding and was completely mortified when I received the final results. They looked nothing like my images. Needless to say, I started over and completed the culling and editing according to my process.

Do I get outtakes?

  • No. Any images noticed to be blurred or with eyes closed are not included in the final delivery nor available to the client. Depending on your day, you could have up to 2000 gorgeous images to look through and choose from. 

How long until we receive our images?

  • Your edited, high-resolution images will be delivered using an online gallery within 8 weeks of your wedding date.

How many images will we receive?

  • The number of images greatly depends on the hours of coverage, number of quests, types of events, hours of dance floor coverage and so forth. You may expect anywhere from 600 to 2000 images. 

What is the “online gallery”?

  • The online gallery is a private, password-protected section on my website where all of your photographs will be placed online for you and your family and friends to view. The secure shopping cart allows you (and family and friends) to order prints and wall art online.
  • Once your photos are uploaded to your online gallery, you will receive an email with the gallery link and password. Your delivery email will also include direction on how to download the entire wedding day digital file collection.

Can some of our photos be delivered in black and white and color?

  • Certain images are chosen specifically to be edited in black and white to draw the most attention to the subject. Although black and white is considered to be an editing style, all photos can be requested in black and white and delivered in the custom USB package.

Are the digital files watermarked?

  • All files in the online gallery contain a watermark for viewing purposes only. The watermark will be removed when downloaded or when prints are purchased.

Where do you live and how far will you travel?

  • I live in a small rural area located in Eastern Montana. Although the majority of my weddings are in Montana and Wyoming, I am available and able to travel world-wide for your wedding. Please reach out to me, I would love to have this conversation with you!

Do you have insurance?

  • Yes. Absolutely!

What kind of equipment do you use?

  • I use top-of-the line professional Nikon equipment and Profoto lighting gear. I have three camera bodies and a large selection of lenses to get the most amazing shots for any distance.

How long have you been in business? How many weddings have you photographed?

  • I’ve been in business since 2012 and have photographed nearly 100 weddings.
  • I’ve been all over Montana and Wyoming from cathedrals in western Montana, to river fronts on the eastern side to high in the mountains in the southwestern parts. There are too many perfectly beautiful locations and structures to name them all.

If I need to cancel my wedding, is the retainer refundable?

  • The retainer fee and all monies paid are non-refundable. The retainer guarantees that I’ll hold the date exclusively for you and once you’ve signed the contract I turn down all other commissions for that date.

What if you get sick?

  • I have such an amazing network of skilled professionals and only a few phone calls away if necessary.

If we’re running late, will you stay later than you were scheduled?

  • Absolutely! I do have an overtime rate and it goes into effect only with permission and approval that I continue coverage. I’ll bill you for those hours after I return to my home office. No hurry to make your payment until you return from your honeymoon.

Do we need to feed you at the reception?

  • That would be wonderful, but not necessary. We are prepared with carry-along snacks and water; however, we would be absolutely delighted if you offered to share your meal with us.

Can our family and friends take pictures with their camera?

  • Yes! YES! Please, I would love that! I was horrified at my sister’s wedding when my mom tried to get a photo of my sister and the photographer told her to get rid of the camera. Can you imagine the horror? It was awful! I would never do that to anyone or make them feel the way my mom felt that day. 
  • Let your family and friends know they are welcome to snap away. I only ask that they let me get a few shots of the family formals with everyone looking at my camera before they begin or have them shoot directly behind me.
  • Also, please have them try to keep from bumping me while photographing the cake cutting, first dances, and bouquet toss? I would hate to have to deliver blurry images.

Can I see a full wedding gallery of a “real” couple?

  • Absolutely! Because of privacy purposes, please give me a few days to contact the couple and get permission. Most would love to share with you upon request!


If you’re looking for bold, modern, stylish story-telling images, and a well-organized and executed process, you’re in luck! Let’s schedule a consultation and see if we are the right fit.

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- kelsey + ridge

“Not only does her talent shine through her work, but she is also legitimately the most genuine person we have ever met. She has such a calming demeanor that instantly makes you feel at ease. Her guidance on our wedding day was amazing. We had so much fun! She captured the real and the raw, exactly what my husband and I wanted.”

"Jen is incredible!"

- steph + kendall

“We were so worried in the morning because it was raining and the forecast didn’t look as though it would be clearing up. Jen was so quick to reassure us that regardless of the rain, everything would happen as it was supposed to. She reminded us that rain was a sign of good luck. We loved how she just took care of us! She knew exactly what to do, exactly where to be, and did her thing!”

“Our wedding day was the best day ever!”



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