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Boudoir is so much more than what you happen to be wearing or what you look like in a shoot…it’s the intent of the photograph. You want to feel beautiful, empowered, confident, attractive, and free. You want to celebrate yourself. It’s exciting, daring and something you have never done before. Boudoir is an experience, and although you may be utterly frightened, secretly you want to feel this experience and have gorgeous and alluring photos of yourself. I can’t wait to make that happen.

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My Approach


It’s the “Wow!” factor. It’s the “Is that really me?” factor. I’m so excited to share this relaxed session with you and watch you walk out feeling amazing and free. Go on with your badass self, do this for you…and when you’re finished, go forth and tackle the world! Celebrate all your beauty! I love boudoir. It gives people permission to show up however they want to show up and not be judged or made to feel small.

Not just “sexy photos”. Boudoir is an experience with a transformation that happens during the session.

Yay! Let’s celebrate you and how beautiful you are! I’m so excited for you and proud of you for allowing yourself to experience this. You are a rockstar! You deserve all the peace, confidence, worthiness, and power. I’m going to cheer you on the whole way while being kind and encouraging when creating the most flattering, gorgeous images of you. 

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boudoir starts at $450

(I have mini sessions too!)

For absolute comfort, we allow clients to reserve their choice location. A studio setting is also available in Billings, Montana.

Already booking us for your wedding? Boudoir sessionS for only $350 (with purchase of accompanYING wedding package.)

All clients receive a custom client guide, on “what to expect and how to plan”.


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Frequently-asked questions

What is boudoir?

  • Boudoir can be anything you want it to be, but mostly it is gorgeous, intimate imagery to make you love yourself more fiercely. Images as you really are, telling your sexy story, and showing all your strengths.

Is Boudoir For Me?

  • Yes... absolutely! Without a doubt. Boudoir is for anyone, for all body shapes and sizes, for anyone who wants a total confidence boost. It's personal and life-changing. It's the feeling of empowerment and the celebration of life.

What is sexy?

  • Confidence is sexy! Each and every one of us has an outer beauty to celebrate, if we choose.
  • Being you and doing you... for you!

How do I get past my insecurities?

  • Everyone wants a photo of themselves looking attractive and alluring, but perhaps we don’t feel we are attractive enough or overweight or too old; but deep down, we secretly want to look “hot” in a photo. The thought of a boudoir shoot may feel scary…I understand. With all insecurities aside, you want to do something amazing for yourself. You want to feel beautiful, bold, empowered.
  • Let me help you with that. We start your session by using a vision board of "words." Words you choose to bring out you and exactly how you want to be seen and portrayed.
  • It's your time to relax and shine as I professionally guide your poses, everything from how to position your body, your hands, and your facial expressions. I’ll show you the back of my camera and let you see how amazing you are. How absolutely gorgeous you look. How you are nailing this session with so much new found confidence. We will work together and let loose while we create empowering images.

How do I get started?

  • The first step is contacting me - I’ll make sure you have all the information you need and we’ll find a perfect time for you on the calendar. My schedule is relatively flexible with the exception of some late spring, summer, and early fall weekends, when I have weddings scheduled. A retainer fee officially reserves your date and time - or if you’ve hopped onto a mini session day, your full package amount is due at the time of booking. The next step is a pre-session consultation in the form of an online questionnaire — or we can hop on the phone for a chat. This is where I’ll learn a little bit about you and what you are imagining for your session.
  • Once you’ve booked, I send out a Boudoir Guide to help with what to wear, what to expect, and how to plan. You will find a ton of tips and tricks to help with perfectly planning and preparing. 

What is the day of the session like?

  • Please make sure you are fully rested and hydrated when we meet up. Upon your arrival, we will spend a few minutes getting to know each other and make final decisions on your wardrobe as well as discuss the perfect feel and look you want to achieve.
  • You will be professionally coached and guided into the most flattering poses.
  • If you need an extra dose of encouragement, bring a girlfriend or your mom to help cheer you on, but please no significant others. A glass of wine never hurts either, just make sure it is not red. (Red will give a dark look to your beautiful smile.)
  • Be ready to relax, laugh and look amazing!

What should I wear?

  • Planning what to wear can be stressful, so I make it easy on you! The Boudoir Guide contains 4 pages of ideas to help you choose the best pieces for your body. 

Will you help me pose?

  • No need to stress. I come prepared to every session with an arsenal of things that I know are gonna work as well as some new things to try.
  • I will coach you into every single shape, including what to do with your hands, how to point your toes and where to send your gaze. If you have some poses that you want to try, by all means email me some images before the shoot and I’ll work them into the plan.

What happens after the session?

  • This is where you get to get dressed up and head out on the town with your love, or the girls. I will head back to the studio and begin backing up and preparing your images for you.
  • You'll receive your final products on an online gallery, within eight weeks.

What is your approach to editing?

  • I use a little post-production love. If something is temporary on your body, such as a blemish or a bruise, I will always take that away.  Just the same, if it's permanent, like a beauty mark or freckles, I will always leave it. All the images that you see in my web portfolio show my "standard" retouching.
  • If you have editing requests beyond what you see in your retouched images, you are always free to ask for something specific; however, some edits may incur an additional fee.

What are your policies on image sharing?

  • I would LOVE to share your images and help empower other women, but I understand sharing intimate images is not comfortable or feasible for everyone. You are in control, including when deciding to share images. While filling out the online questionnaire, you will have the opportunity to say how each image can or cannot be used, ranging from totally private to full social media permissions and a few steps in between. 


Feel beautiful. Be empowered. Let your confidence soar.
Love YOU fiercely...

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- cortney

"Going into a shoot like this, I was vulnerable and somewhat anxious. However, Jen's professionalism and grace made me feel so welcome! That day I felt absolutely beautiful! End result did not disappoint. I still can't believe that was me! I'm empowered!"

"Just WOw! Jen is truly amazing."

- roxie

“I was a little nervous but Jen made it comfortable and she was so fun to work with! The photos were WOW... out of this world gorgeous. I can't wait to do it again!"

"Jen was such a pleasure to work with!"



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